A rectangle has vertices at (-2, 11), (-2, 4), (6, 11), and (6, 4). Pablo says te area of the rectangle is 49 square units and his work is shown below. Step 1. Base:|-2|+|6|=8 Step 2. Height: 11-4=7 Step 3. Area: 8x7=49 square units. Where, if at all, did Pablo make his first mistake finding the area of the rectangle?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The error is in the Step 3Step-by-step explanation:we know thatThe area of a rectangle is equal toA=bhwhere b is the base of rectangleh is the height of rectanglesoThe Step 1 calculating the  Base is correctThe Step 2 calculating the Height is correctThe Step 3 calculating the area of rectangle is not correctbecauseA=(8)(7)=56 units² instead of 49 units²